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We have been really busy here at Jimmygirl over the last few weeks, and one of things we credit to our success in the use of quality products. Brushes, tools, stains and paints. All are necessary but whats just as necessary is the quality of the product itself. 

Say hello to Old Town Paints

Old Town Paints Chalk Style Finish Paint is super easy to use.  It has a silky, soft, matte finish that absorbs our high grade Finishing Products easily for maximum protection and durability.  It has been specifically created to be used in a variety of ways on many surfaces.  It can be used as  a wash, dye, smooth paint, or applied thick to create texture. Our versatile Paints can be added to our Finishing Products to create your custom tinted finishes so you can achieve the exact look you want.  One of the bonuses....no need to prime or prepare surfaces prior to painting and it adheres to most all surfaces. 

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3......paint, dry and finish!

Old Town Paints offers two different lines of Chalk Style Finish Paints with over 75 different colors and numerous finishing products, all made in the U.S.A.  With the largest assortment of colors in the industry to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect match for your painting needs.  All of our Chalk Style Finish Paints are Non-Toxic, No VOC's, No Polymers, Eco Friendly, Solvent Free Paint, No Acrylic, No Latex, No Fungicide, Formaldehyde Free, APEO Free.

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Old Town Paint

Oct 30, 2013

Brushes, tools, stains and paints. All are necessary but whats just as necessary is the quality of the product itself.

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